Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Out and About

This post is more of an account of what I've done today, so yeah:
Today was rather busy in fact because firstly I went to the doctors. This was because I thought I had tonsillitis.. turns out I correctly diagnosed myself! Quite happy with that (not the tonsillitis bit, the being correct part). Then I went to get my prescription for some Penicillin *GET IN MAH BELLEHH*! After I then caught the bus to take a visit to my school where I had the thought of blogging about my day, seeing as though it's a rarity that I escape from my what-I-call 'Hole' e.g. my house. 
Once I arrived I had to do this biometric fingerprint scan to allow 'cashless catering' - as the school call it. It's supposed to be a quick and easy way to pay for meals, check out library books, sign in and out etc. However, as my luck would have it, after about 5 attempts of scanning my prints we gave up. So now I'm going to have to have a card thing to swipe; which is slightly annoying because I have absolutely no room in my purse! I also collected my bus pass, which is a lovely shade of 'duck egg blue'.
So after that happened I went down the hill to catch another bus to take me into town. When I was on the bus, I went ahead and sat down in the seats prioritised for the disabled as I thought that there wasn't going to be very many people on the bus. Although there were other seats available, (like the one BEHIND me) I sort of got into a panic - God knows why - and sat at the first available seat. Then to my dismay, the people just kept piling on the bus; stop after stop. So there I was, sitting in my seat in and (this is going to sound stupid) I just felt too embarrassed to move! It sounds ridiculous (because it is) but I just felt so awkward, and then this woman came and sat next to me; so i couldn't just ask her "Sorry can you just stand up so i can change my seat?" because then that would be weird, if I did everyone would think that I thought she smelled or I don't like old ladies - then everyone would be looking at me and secretly judging me, which is much worse than feeling a little awkward!
Anyway, I got off the bus and the shopping commenced! I must say that it was pretty hot today.. so I went and bought a cardigan! Oh the irony! Although the reason behind the purchase was purely because I used to have this really nice red'y/burgundy, long'ish knitted cardigan from Republic and over the the summer it's just disappeared.. and i have absolutely no idea where it's gone. Although I have a suspicion that one of my friends stole it from my 'late birthday/end of exams' party. But the new one I bought is really nice, it's of a cream colour and has cute brown buttons. It also makes my feel about 50 years old! It's sort of a mix between an old lady cardigan and a cricket jumper.
With that out of the way I went around town and looked at various things in various shops and found items (mostly clothing) that I thought looked nice and then looked at the price and thought that it wasn't that nice. I went into Tesco's bought some 'bits and bobs' like some deodorant - meaning 3 cans as they were on spec': 3 for £4.00 - bargain! (which, by the way, smells AMAZING! It's 'Right Guard Women: Total Defence 5'). Also I got some school stuff, which definitely satisfied my inner OCD. The stuff included some 'Report Files', study cards, with dividers and a mini office thing that had paperclips of various sizes, pinboard pins (which I was in desperate need of) and some clip things, they're like bulldog clips but different. 
After all of that, I went to go and see my mum who works in town. I showed her my purchases.. she approves (this is not implying that she checks all the stuff that I buy and then if she doesn't like it then I have to take it back. If that actually happened I would proper freak out! What I meant by the comment is that she liked the stuff I bought... glad that's all cleared up! *read in a sarcastic tone*). Whilst I was there I also took my first tablet.. how exciting! 
After those shenanigans I went to leave for the bus. When I got to the stop the bus wasn't due for another 10 minutes, so I went to look in the shop opposite the bus stop, which just so happens to be Paperchase. I had a look around and basically experienced that 'love at first sight' feeling at this ringbinder. It's an A4 binder in the 'Secret Garden' pattern. It's so lovely and nice, and definitely worth the grand total of £3! Also I came across some more of those bulldog clip type things and I felt the urge to buy them; so I did! Then as I was at the till - the cashier, who was extremely nice and welcoming - served me, I then payed and she gave me the change and said the routine "have a nice day" and forgot to give me the things I just bought!
Then out of the corner of my eye I spotted the bus and, because I had my bus ticket in my pocket, I had to pile ALL of my shopping bags AND my handbag ALL on one arm, just to get the ticket! I then had to wait about 2 strenuous minutes while the bus driver pulled up properly to the curb, I showed him my ticket and sat in a more appropriate seat. 
Through all of that time I literally felt like that guy from the Yorkie advert - the one with about 10 shopping bags and then he puts the key through the door. It was invigorating to say the least!
Anyway, as most shopping trips go, you always have sore feet by the end, *check*, always have no strength left in your arms, *definitely check* and most importantly, ALWAYS have the feeling you've spent way too much, *without a doubt: check*!


  1. Hi, Megan! You have a very nice site and you are so free with your posting. I hope you feel better soon, grats on the correct diagnosis!:-) I'll be sure to keep reading here.

    Ruby M.

  2. Hi Ruby! I suppose that's because I just speak my mind and let my thoughts run free. Also, yes, it seems to be clearing up now and thank you - I was quite proud of myself. I hope you do! :D